Yes Paisley in last minute Voter Sign-up drive

“From our canvassing sessions we knew there were a lot of people who supported the Yes campaign but just weren’t signed up to vote, so we did our best to get them on the electoral register,” said Yes Paisley campaigner Andy Ralph.

The deadline for being on the electoral register to vote in the Referendum was midnight on Tuesday 2nd September. However, from canvassing and enquiries into the Yes Paisley shop, the campaign team realised there was still a large number of people who supported the Yes campaign but were not signed up for a vote. Yes Paisley campaigners have been going around the doors asking local Buddies how they intend to vote in the referendum and realised quite a few people were not on the electoral register.

With the deadline approaching to sign up for a vote, the Yes Paisley team kept their shop at 13 Old Sneddon Street open until 10pm on Tuesday 2nd September. As well as this, they delivered hundreds of voter registration forms to Yes supporters all across Paisley and highlighted the registration deadline by driving around in the Yes Mobile – a car decked out in Yes flags, stickers and posters along with a PA system to attract people’s attention.

Andy Ralph added:

“I think the deadline for registering to vote has come up on people very quickly and they have just realised how soon it is until the referendum. The Yes Paisley shop was mobbed on Monday and even busier on Tuesday as Yes supporters came to get a voter registration form.

“We were also told about people having problems getting through to the Electoral Registration office, so they came to Yes Paisley to see if we could help.

“We had identified quite a number of people from our regular canvassing sessions who were needing to sign up for a vote, so we made sure they received a form.

“We also drove around in the YesMobile – drawing attention to the deadline for signing up for a vote. We had quite a few people stop us and ask for a registration form.

“The reaction we got from driving about in the YesMobile was terrific, everyone seemed pleased to see us and were giving us the thumbs up. It’s clear that more and more people are turning to Yes as the only option for a brighter future for Paisley and Scotland.”