All aboard the Yes train!

Activists from London headed to key areas in Scotland, including Paisley last weekend to support the Yes Campaign for Scottish independence.
The trip was co-ordinated by Red Pepper magazine following a packed out meeting of at the House of Commons back in June, where many activists in London became inspired to help the Yes campaign. Dozens made their way from London to Scotland on Saturday 6th September to show their support and to help with campaigning on the streets of Glasgow, Paisley and Edinburgh. More jumped on board the so-called ‘Red Pepper Yes Train’ along the way as the train headed north to Glasgow.

A number of the campaigners made their way to Paisley to help out the local Yes Campaign promote the positive case for a Yes vote in the referendum. They took part in canvassing and leafleting sessions in a number of areas including Ferguslie.

Hilary Wainwright, co-editor of Red Pepper magazine, said:

“A vote for Scottish independence will demonstrate a clear rejection of neo-liberal policies and stale Westminster politics. Not only is Scottish independence in the interests of the majority of Scots, it also has potential for exciting, progressive change south of the border.

“The referendum is a real opportunity to re-imagine and re-shape politics, and those of us south of the border want to support and learn from the campaign for Scottish independence.”

Jane Shallice, a retired teacher in London who is joining the trip, said:

“We went to Scotland to show that there are many of us in London and beyond that support Scottish independence. Of course the rich and powerful are against independence, but we headed to Scotland to say that many ordinary people in England support the Yes campaign.”

London Yes activists