Saints stars immortalised in Street Names

The results are now in from the survey of Saints stars for the new street names at the former site of St Mirren Park in Love streetCouncillors Kenny and Mags MacLaren had been advocating that any new build in this are should reflect the history of the site.  After contacting Sanctuary Housing Association and raising this idea, they were pleased when – along with Renfrewshire Council – a decision was made to allow fans to select the names of former Saints stars for the new streets in this development.

sanctuary love streetThe final results of the poll were:

  • Abercromby Avenue
  • Fitzpatrick Way
  • McGarry Terrace
  • Saints Street
  • Yardley Avenue

Two other streets were already planned:

  • North Bank
  • Cairters Corner

love st siteCouncillor Kenny MacLaren said:

“I’m delighted with the names chosen, especially the choice of Tony Fitzpatrick who has been such a major figure in the club.

“Both myself and Cllr Mags MacLaren were pushing for this idea and rejected initial proposals from council officers for bland street names for this area.

“This was a great move by all concerned, especially Sanctuary Housing Association who have  a history of naming streets after key figures such as Gerry Rafferty Drive in Shortroods.”