Cllr Mags MacLaren welcomes reduction in Domestic Abuse

“The latest figures show a 2.9% decrease in the number of domestic abuse cases reported to the police,” said Councillor Mags MacLaren (SNP – Paisley Northwest) commenting on a report to the Police and Fire & Rescue Scrutiny Sub-committee.

This report highlighted a 2.9% decrease in domestic abuse cases reported to the police compared to the same period last year, with 1,637 cases reported between April and December 2017 compared to 1,686 between April and December 2016.

Councillor Mags MacLaren added:

“This report also highlighted a 6.1% decrease in total crimes and offences in domestic abuse incidents.

“There have been a number of campaigns to encourage victims of domestic abuse to come forward and it is still important that anyone who feels threatened with domestic abuse comes forward.”