Cllr Mags MacLaren calls for action against rogue builder

“I’ve had numerous complaints about the house building site in Shortroods, where the builder seems intent on causing as much disruption to residents as possible,” said Councillor Mags MacLaren (SNP – Paisley Northwest) commenting on various complaints both herself and Councillor Kenny MacLaren have had with the Keepmoat building site along Inchinnan and Mosslands Roads in Shortroods.

These complaints include the state of the roads which the builder fails to clean after work, leaving mud and soil along both roads and pavements causing dirt on local cars and pedestrians; constantly moving road closures and temporary traffic lights without any warning and inadequate fencing which has even collapsed. Councillor Mags MacLaren has regularly contacted council officers asking them to intervene and the last reply she received highlighted their frustration was so bad that they have even asked the police to get involved.

Shortroods KeepmoatCouncillor Mags MacLaren added:

“I welcome the new housing in the area and everyone accepts that there will be some disruption while these properties are being built. However, the contractor seems to simply ignore residents and the council who have complained about the mess they leave the local area in and who simply believe they can do what they wish without regard to anyone else.

“It’s got so bad with this contractor moving temporary road closures and temporary traffic lights that the local bus service was temporarily withdrawn as the bus company didn’t know which road would be open until their buses turned up.”

Councillor Kenny MacLaren said:

“Normally there is some disturbance when a new development takes place but I can’t think of any building site that has created so many complaints from residents.”