Cllr MacLaren welcomes proposed Pavement Parking legislation

“The Transport (Scotland) Bill includes new powers for local councils to allow them to seriously tackle the scourge of parking on pavements” said Councillor Kenny MacLaren (SNP – Paisley Northwest) welcoming the publication of the Transport (Scotland) Bill late last week.

Previously the SNP MSP Sandra White was trying to introduce legislation against parking on pavements in 2016 but her attempts ran out of time. This new proposed Bill as well as dealing with the creation of low emission zones and allowing councils to run bus services, brings in stricter legislation on the issue of drivers parking on pavements. Cllr MacLaren has highlighted this problem a number of times – particularly in the Marchfield Avenue area of Paisley – where residents are often faced with vehicles parked on pavements making it difficult for those with mobility problems or even parents with prams.

Councillor Kenny MacLaren added:

“The new legislation once enacted will tighten up the laws around pavement parking making it easier to tackle pavement parking, passing powers to community wardens to issue fines.

“Too many drivers park irresponsibly, causing problems for those who have mobility problems and then have to face walking on the road to get past the vehicle blocking the pavement.

“The Transport (Scotland) Bill still has to go through the full parliamentary process but I know many residents and communities within Paisley will welcome the powers to finally tackle irresponsible and antisocial drivers.”