A Second Vote – Aye, No, Maybe?

brexit-and-the-eu-810x456Renfrewshire’s sole Lib Dem councillor put forward a motion to a recent full council meeting calling for the council to support the campaign for a second Brexit referendum.  This is a line this councillor has taken in the past while vehemently objecting to calls for a second Scottish Independence referendum.

The debate went along general party-political lines with the Lib Dem straining to explain why it wasn’t hypocritical to oppose one referendum and not another.  The Tories were dead set against any vote re-runs believing that once a decision has been made (no matter how bad the outcomes?) then the result stands and no one should have the option of changing their vote or their mind.  They were oblivious to the fact that the meeting took place the day after Tory MPs decided they wanted to re-run their leadership election – so obviously some elections can be re-run when it suits them!

As for Labour, who knows what their position is.  Apparently, they were only interested in a General Election but they would have been better spending their time trying to get their leader Jeremy Corbyn MP to actually oppose the Tories rather than abstain on everything and constantly letting the Tory Government off the hook.

The majority of those who spoke from the SNP side highlighted the apparent hypocrisy of the Lib Dem councillor.  Her claims that there was no need for a second Scottish Independence referendum because Alex Salmond produced a detailed plan – ‘Scotland’s yes 2Future’ – compared to the back of a fag packet contribution from the EU Leave campaign.  Strangely enough I don’t remember this councillor being quite so enthusiastic about the Scottish Independence white paper during the run up to our 2014 referendum!

Cllr Wil Mylet highlighted the hypocrisy of the Lib Dem position on a 2nd Brexit vote while denying a 2nd Scottish IndyRef vote.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren summed up the debate by responding to the amendments put forward by both Labour and Conservatives before highlighting that everyone deserves the right to change their mind, especially when they’ve been lied to – and it doesn’t matter if those lies were printed on the side of a bus (EU) or on the front page of the Daily Record (Scots Indy).


The debate on Brexit can be found within the council’s webcast at the following location: