Cllr MacLaren condemns cut to free TV licence for over-75s

“This is a despicable move by the Tory Government, using the BBC to cut the free TV licence for over 75s”, said Councillor Kenny MacLaren (SNP – Paisley Northwest), commenting on the decision by the BBC to end the blanket free TV licences for over-75s.

Previously the UK Government subsidised the cost of these licences but despite a 2017 manifesto commitment to “maintain” pensioner benefits, “including free bus passes, eye tests, prescriptions and TV licences, for the duration of this Parliament”, the Tory Government shifted responsibility for this benefit to the BBC, inevitably leading to its demise.

Although there will still be some access to a free TV licence for certain over-75s (such as those on pension credit) the majority of those currently receiving a free TV licence will now have to fork out £154.50 for a licence.

Councillor Kenny MacLaren added:

“This is a disgraceful attack on our senior citizens by the Tory Government and a clear breach of their own 2017 manifesto pledge.

“The UK already has the worst state pension out of all developed nations and now the UK Government, via the BBC, are adding the TV licence to the living costs of many pensioners.

“It’s no wonder people have such a lack of trust in politicians when they won’t fulfil their manifesto commitments and it’s clear that the Tories are not a party to be trusted.”

 For information on how not to pay the TV licence click here: