Cllr MacLaren welcomes new Paisley Learning & Cultural Hub

Renfrewshire Council’s Finance, Resources and Customer Services Policy Board will decide at its meeting on Wednesday 4th September to award a contract for the main works to the proposed Paisley Learning & Cultural Hub in Paisley’s High Street.

Excluding VAT, the contract value is over £4.5million, with work being expected to commence in December 2019 if this contract is approved.

Councillor Kenny MacLaren added:

lch-2“It’s great that such investment is lined up for this part of the High Street, along with the further work on the Museum and former Central Library, hopefully this will transform this part of Paisley’s town centre and encourage more visitors to the area. However, in the meantime some of the local businesses are struggling and it would be good to remind people that this end of town is open for business.

“I’m pleased that the planning board had rejected the council’s original plan to demolish the building at 22 High Street where the new Paisley Learning and Cultural Centre will be built.

“It would have made a mockery of trying to preserve Paisley’s heritage to simply flatten an historic building in the middle of the High Street. I am glad that planning officers now think that refurbishment will ‘transform and bring back into use a vacant and historically significant town centre building’ when previously they wanted to demolish this building but were sent back to think again by councillors who felt the same way as I did.

“I hope everyone can support this contract and get the work started as soon as possible.”