SNP Councillors win support for Bus Stops to be reinstated

“The simple truth is that these bus stops should never have been moved in the first place, this was due to SPT not bothering to consult with the local community,” said Councillor Kenny MacLaren (SNP – Paisley Northwest).

SNP councillors for Paisley Northwest, Mags and Kenny MacLaren, received the support of all Renfrewshire councillors for their motion regarding the re-instatement of bus stops at the top of Well Street, Paisley.  Back in April 2018 Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) decided to re-arrange a number of bus stops in the west end of Paisley, including two stops at the top of Well Street. At no stage did SPT consult with the local community including local councillors, community council, residents or even local businesses. The decision to move these bus stops further down the street was opposed by the local community, including the community council who later met with Councillors Kenny and Mags MacLaren who arranged a site meeting with council and SPT officers as well as local businesses who were impacted by this change. After a campaign by Cllrs MacLaren and the community council, Renfrewshire Council officers agreed to reinstate the bus stops in their original position. However, the necessary Road Traffic Order was constantly delayed and recently SPT intimated that they would object to the bus stops being moved unless the costs of the original changes to these stops was paid back to them.

Councillor Kenny MacLaren said:

“It’s a disgrace that SPT are holding the council, and the community within the West End of Paisley, to ransom. We should not be paying for the mistakes of the SPT who in their arrogance decided to move bus stops without bothering to ask the local community what they wanted.

“Local businesses have highlighted they are losing significant trade since this move and the issue was raised regularly with Paisley West and Central Community Council until we believed it had been agreed to reinstate the bus stops.

Councillor Mags MacLaren added:

“The key element of this motion is to garner the support of local residents, businesses and confirm the community council’s continued support for the bus stops being reinstated in their original position.

“SPT made the basic error of not consulting with the local community and it’s one which we will not repeat. We are grateful for the support of all councillors in the chamber who accepted our motion, many of whom also highlighted their experience of SPT ignoring local elected members. It’s clear SPT needs to start listening to local councillors and local communities.

“If local residents are wanting to see these bus stops re-instated just contact either myself or Kenny at Renfrewshire Council and we’ll confirm to officers that the local community still want these bus stops back at their original locations.”

Motion put forward by Cllrs Kenny and Mags MacLaren:

Council agrees to investigate the re-instatement of two bus stops located on Well Street, Paisley to their original location. Council also agrees to full engagement and consultation with local residents, local elected members, local businesses and the local community council. These stops were relocated without prior consultation and require community involvement.

Council calls on SPT to remove all barriers, including financial, to this relocation and assist the council to relocate these bus stops.

Council will contact SPT to seek agreement on the relocation of these bus stops without any financial penalty to the council.