Cllr MacLaren condemns Labour Peer as waste of money

“Yet again, official figures from the House of Lords highlights how much money is wasted on unelected ‘Lords’ and leading the charge is Baroness Adams,” said Councillor Kenny MacLaren (SNP – Paisley Northwest).

A report has highlighted just how much each member of the House of Lords has cost the UK taxpayer over the past year (in the year to March 2019), with expenses and daily allowance rising by 29% to £23 million.  One of the worst offenders was Baroness Adams – formerly known as Irene Adams, Labour MP for Paisley North.  Ms Adams managed to haul in £52,252 during that one year, attending the House of Lords 120 yet not managing to speak once!

Councillor Kenny MacLaren said:

 “The UK is not a fully functioning democracy when we have the House of Lords which can make or alter legislation which we all have to follow.  These unelected parliamentarians have a job for life yet are totally unaccountable to the public. They even boosted their own attendance allowance by 3.1% this year, and the public can do nothing about it.

“Irene Adams was formerly a Labour MP for Paisley North and was giving a retirement deal to sit in the House of Lords. She can claim over £300 per day for attending the Lords plus additional allowances for transport, hotels and meals.  Somehow, she has amassed over £52,000 in one year despite not once speaking in a debate!

“Members of the House of Lords don’t have a constituency, they are not accountable to voters.  Every year these figures come out Ms Adams is near the top of the handout charts – and very rarely does she even bother to speak.  Maybe she’s too busy counting her money or filling in her expenses claims.  It’s clear the only person she represents in the Lords is her bank balance!”