Cllr MacLaren congratulates groups supporting local communities

“It’s important we all work together and look out for one another during these very anxious times” said Councillor Kenny MacLaren (SNP – Paisley Northwest).

The current coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis will have a major impact on everyone’s lives as we try to find a way to ensure everyone’s safety.  The council and other public bodies are doing what they can to support our communities but it’s important for everyone to pull together.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren said:

“It’s understandable that everyone is concerned with what is going to happen next with the current coronavirus outbreak and what this will mean for them and their family.  However, the current panic buying crisis is helping no one and is causing severe distress for those who simply can’t compete and have no chance to stockpile.  This includes the elderly and those on fixed incomes.  If everyone calmed down and simply bought their regular supplies then there would be enough provisions for everyone.

“On the other hand, it is really encouraging to see the number of groups that have been established to help the most vulnerable in our communities.  These groups are organising to help those who can’t get out to pick up shopping or prescriptions and highlight what is best in our communities.  Whether it’s the groups within Ferguslie, Shortroods, Johnstone or elsewhere it is tremendous to see people do something to help their neighbours and make sure they are not alone during such an anxious time.

“It’s important to follow the guidance over keeping yourself and others safe, but if you can help others please do.”