SNP councillor condemns attempts to break Lockdown Rules

“This extreme right-wing political organisation is attempting to put people’s lives at risk by organising mass gatherings on Saturday 16th May, including Paisley’s Barshaw Park”, said Cllr Kenny MacLaren (SNP – Paisley Northwest).

An organisation called the UK Freedom Movement which supports right-wing thugs like Tommy Robinson is trying to organise a range of mass gatherings all across Scotland and the UK, including one at Barshaw Park, Paisley on Saturday 16th May.97056017_2798624283705374_3273638117554257920_n (1)

Cllr Kenny MacLaren said;

“I know some people are finding it difficult staying at home but there is a good reason for the lockdown – it aims to save lives by stopping the spread of coronavirus.

“This ill-thought out plan by what seems to be an extreme right-wing organisation is encouraging the public to break the law, and by doing so, endangering their lives and those of their families.  Coronavirus is a killer – do not take the chance with your life by supporting these right-wing nutters.

“They have been posting their proposed gatherings all over social media.  Don’t listen to them, attempting to take part in any gathering would breach the legislation to protect lives and could lead to those involved not only facing a fine but also endangering their lives.

“I’ve already contacted both the police and council officials to ensure that they are aware of this proposed gathering.”

UPDATE:  according to Companies House, the UK Freedom Movement is run by Jayda Fransen – former Deputy Leader of Britain First.