SNP Councillors supporting the Vaccine Programme

“It’s important to take up the offer of a vaccination when it is offered to you,” said Councillor Kenny MacLaren (SNP – Paisley Northwest), commenting on a motion to the next full meeting of Renfrewshire Council by himself and Councillor Stephen Burns.

The motion congratulates all staff and volunteers in the ongoing covid vaccination programme, encourages everyone to get vaccinated and condemns those who spreading misinformation regarding vaccinations.

The latest figures show that almost 1.5million Scots have received the first dose of the vaccine and many are now starting to receive their second dose.

Councillor Stephen Burns said:

“Due to an underlying medical condition I have already received my first vaccine at my local GP practice. I was impressed by the organisation and the efficiency of the staff at Anchor Mill Medical Practice in processing the vaccinations.

“The vaccination programme is an important step in dealing with the Covid pandemic.  While most powers are reserved to the UK Government the various lockdowns have been ineffectual, with too many loopholes resulting in the UK having the worst rate of deaths from Covid.

Councillor Kenny MacLaren added:

“This vaccine is saving lives, I would encourage everyone to take up their appointment when it comes.

“There has recently been an outbreak of some moronic graffiti across Paisley claiming the Covid pandemic is a scam – try telling that to those who have lost loved ones, of the hard working staff at the RAH who are working long shifts trying to cope with the impact of Covid on Renfrewshire residents.  It’s good that the council has been cleaning up this graffiti as quickly as possible but we really need to tackle these morons to stop them spreading their lies.”

Motion submitted by Cllr Kenny MacLaren and Cllr Stephen Burns:

Council congratulates everyone involved in the ongoing campaign to deliver vaccinations against the Covid19 pandemic.  This includes health board, Renfrewshire Leisure and council staff as well as those involved from the various medical practices across Renfrewshire.  Council encourages everyone who is eligible to come forward and receive their vaccination when offered.  Council also condemns those who have been spreading misinformation against the vaccination programme and calls for swift action to counter such misinformation, whether that be the removal of graffiti or other practices.