SNP Councillors welcome improvements to St James Park

“We’re pleased with the work which has taken place so far and are looking forward to further improvements to St James Park and surrounding areas,”, said Cllr Kenny MacLaren (SNP – Paisley Northwest) commenting on work that has taken place recently to cut back the bushes at St James Park and surrounding areas including the Cholera Monument, off Greenock Road.

A number of local residents have complained about the state of the bushes around the outside of St James Park, stating that they had grown out of control and made the area look neglected. There was also a concern that the overgrown bushes next to the Cholera Monument had made the pavement along Greenock Road a safety concern for local residents. With the bushes now cut back, St James Park and the Cholera Monument can now be seen from the main road and it is hoped that this will deter those who have been using the area for flytipping.

Cllrs Mags and Kenny MacLaren with the Cholera Monument behind them

Cllr Kenny MacLaren added:

“There were also some complaints from residents regarding various antisocial behaviour at St James Park, including parking on double yellow lines and using the entrance of the park for various business activities – but with a more open view to the park it is hoped that such activities will decline.

“We brought together council officers and local residents so that the residents could raise their concerns and look for solutions. It was good for both sides to get an understanding of the problems and the potential solutions.

“Obviously cutting back the bushes has highlighted the amount of rubbish which is trapped at the roots of the plants but a team from Streetscene will be out later to clear this area.”

Cllr Mags MacLaren said:

“This is a good start but there is still some work needed, including a streetscene team coming out to tackle all the rubbish which has gathered at the base of the bushes over the last couple of years.

“Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic and having to transfer staff to essential services such as delivering food parcels had impacted on the routine maintenance that was meant to be carried out in this area.

“It is good that the Cholera Monument can be clearly seen as it highlights an important part of Paisley’s history. There is still some work to do in tidying up surrounding area, but the work so far is a good start.”

More information on the Cholera Riots in Paisley can be found here.