Only SNP led council can tackle cost of living crisis

“The Tory-made cost of living crisis is harming individuals and communities all across Renfrewshire but only the SNP have policies and the willpower to tackle this crisis”, said Councillor Kenny MacLaren (SNP – Paisley Northwest).

The UK Cost of Living Crisis is directly related to policies implemented by the UK Tory Government, from Brexit to their long running austerity agenda -and not forgetting that they increased the energy price gap by a massive 54%! As highlighted at the last full council meeting when the Tory leadership in the council wanted to promote the plan to export all refugees to Rwanda, it’s clear the Tories have lost all sense of morality.  Labour have consistently failed to produce an alternative budget for the past 5 years in the council, so it is fanciful to suggest that they have any ideas left, especially since the Labour group have been taken over by Blairites who landed the council with so much PFI debt.

Only the SNP has a plan on trying to offset the cost of living crisis, with increased Scottish Child Payments, increasing benefits by 6% and maintaining free prescriptions and free tuition.  Even with the limited powers of devolution the Scottish Government is offsetting Tory attacks on the poor by £600million per year.

Cllr Kenny MacLaren added;

“This is a Cost of Living crisis made in Westminster, it started when the Tories and their then Lib Dem partners forced austerity on public services, cutting back support to the vulnerable and has continued into the corrupt Boris Johnston government which defrauds the public purse through dodgy covid contracts while cutting essential services.

“So far the Tories have imposed a bedroom tax, the rape clause, Brexit, increasing energy prices by 54%, raised National Insurance while cutting funding to Scotland and our local councils.  The idea that the Tories can solve the cost of living crisis is laughable – they’re the ones who caused it, and all the while it has been slavishly supported by the Tory councillors in Renfrewshire.

“Labour have run out of ideas, they sit on the side-lines squabbling – mostly with each other – and haven’t even put up enough candidates to win the council election. They are happy to sit in second place – they have nothing to contribute to the debate.

“Only the SNP, both nationally and locally, have the plans to try to ease the cost of living crisis. We’ve invested in our council housing, to make it more energy efficient while planning for more improvements and new build housing. We were quick to act to support those who had nowhere else to turn for help during covid and we will push every budget line to get as much value as we can to make every penny count towards helping those in most need.”