Cllr MacLaren objects to Boundary Commission proposals

“These proposals by the Boundary Commission for the new constituency boundaries in Renfrewshire break up natural communities simply to help Glasgow and Inverclyde reach the right number of voters for their constituencies,” said Councillor Kenny MacLaren (SNP – Paisley Northwest), commenting on his latest response to the Boundary Commission consultation on the proposed constituency boundaries for the next UK general election.

The Boundary Commission is undertaking a final round of consultations on proposed UK parliamentary constituencies in Scotland and Cllr Kenny MacLaren has updated his previous consultation responses. In his latest response Cllr MacLaren highlights that Renfrewshire has been carved up to ensure neighbouring constituencies in Inverclyde and Glasgow meet the criteria for the number of voters in each constituency.

Councillor Kenny MacLaren added:

“The proposals of the Boundary Commission are simply bizarre. Instead of looking at Inverclyde’s close transport links with North Ayrshire they instead carve up parts of Renfrewshire to boost the number of voters in Inverclyde.

“This then results in parts of Glasgow having to be included in the Renfrewshire North constituency! If Glasgow has too many voters, why are other areas with closer links such as East Renfrewshire not aligned with Glasgow instead?

“Throughout the whole process Renfrewshire has been carved up to suit neighbouring constituencies while we also see council wards split between different parliamentary constituencies – which is apparently against the Boundary Commission’s own guidelines!

“At least the Boundary Commission have dropped their daft plans to rename both constituencies after the town of Renfrew – even though it is not part of the southern constituency!

“I would hope that now that the Boundary Commission has seen reason over the name of the Renfrewshire constituencies it will also see sense and keep the communities of Renfrewshire together, not split council wards or boundaries and not use Renfrewshire to make good changes to the constituent numbers of either Glasgow or Inverclyde.”