Happy New Year to all our constituents

2022 was a very busy year with Kenny getting a new job in March, the council election taking place in May and a significant rise in council casework throughout the year – and not forgetting all the SNP and Independence campaigning that was going on in the background.

We’ve restarted some of our local surgeries but as we’re getting more casework than ever before will probably continue with our hybrid system which includes surgeries but also being accessible to constituents via phone, email and zoom.

The council election in May saw Kenny returned as an SNP councillor for Paisley Northwest for the fourth time and Mags winning her third election as the other SNP councillor in Paisley Northwest. 

We’ve been working through a varied range of casework but the implications of Brexit and the dodgy UK economy is having an impact on the council providing services as the costs of materials has risen significantly.

There was also the fallout over Kenny having a Yes flag in the background at a couple of council meetings – where he joined the meetings from home via MS Teams. It was so ridiculous that the National ran a story on it



and it even ended up with over 400,000 hits on TikTock – with the vast majority of comments having a go at Labour and Tory councillors for being offended by a Yes flag!

The work of being local councillors continues and we’re now in the process of distributing our annual calendars across the ward (we’ve been doing this since 2006 – prior to Kenny first being elected in 2007).