Tory Councillor upset about the truth!

According to a report in the Renfrewshire Gazette, the leader of the Tory council group in Renfrewshire has “criticised “unnecessary” language used during political debates.”  In particular he was upset that ““We’ve been called murderers and all sorts and told that we should all be ashamed.”

This comes from various debates where SNP councillors have condemned Tory policies and the impact they are having on people.  This includes their support for nuclear weapons whose only purpose is to wipe out millions of people – or as Councillor Will Mylet rightly stated:

That “Labour and Conservative governments were “more than happy” to plough cash into nuclear weapons and have “the ability to commit genocide.

He also took aim at austerity, saying: “This amounts to no more than the murder of the people that you’re here to look after.”

Councillor Kenny MacLaren added:

“However, Councillor Graham has been guilty of using similar language when it suits him.  Despite being a councillor since 2007, I’ve never heard a more hate filled, racist speech by anyone than Cllr Graham when he promoted the Tory policy of deporting refugees and asylum seekers to Rwanda.  It was an abysmal speech which even had some of his own colleagues cringing at his comments.

“Cllr Graham is simply at it with this complaint to the press.  He was told at the time if he had concerns report it to the Standards Commission and has failed to do so!   And it’s not just SNP councillors who believe the crooked Tory Government and its policies are killing people – here is an online quote from SNP MSP Evelyn Tweed:”