Surviving Self-Isolation: Going Out by Staying In

You Tube has plenty of ‘live’ music and other performances within its archives that you’ll find something to suit everyone’s taste.  However, with the lockdowns happening all across the world more and more artists are now streaming live shows as well as some more established artists releasing some of their back catalogue online.  Here’s a selection of some of the shows that are available this weekend (either live or via youtube archives).  So grab a drink (or two) and chill out to this selection of livestreams and some recent additions to YouTube.

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Surviving Self-Isolation: Spend some time reading

To help everyone who has went into self-isolation we’re going to be highlighting some of the options to keep you occupied.  Everyone will have their own favourite hobbies or past times and some may have too much to do to even think about taking time out for themselves but it’s important to look after yourself and to take a break from the constant television coverage of the coronavirus crisis. Continue reading