Updates on Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The ongoing Coronavirus/ Covid-19 situation can seem a confusing and anxious time for many people, especially those who are in the high-risk groups.  The aim of this webpage is to try to provide access to the latest briefings on how to stay safe and how to survive self-isolation/ social distancing.

The most recent briefings from a range of reputable sources are linked below:

The Scottish Government

NHS Inform on Coronavirus (Covid-19), including details on cleaning your hands regularly

Renfrewshire Council

Renfrewshire Leisure


Surviving Self-Isolation

It’s too easy to sit in front of the television watching each and every update on the coronavirus crisis but this will only increase your anxiety and stress.  Why not do something you enjoy – and if you have to self-isolate for a while – why not use that time productively. Either start a new hobby, practice whatever hobby or pastime you enjoy or take the time to phone family and friends.  Keeping in touch with one another will help lessen the isolation and help to put any fears you have into perspective.  We’ll update this section as we get more ideas (some of them will be put on the news section of this website).  If you have any suggestions please contact us and we’ll share them.


Spend some time reading

1DDFE633-2B85-468D-B28D05ADAE7D1AD8_sourceI’m terrible at buying books (either paper or ebooks) and putting them down to one side and not getting around to reading them.  So I’m going to spend some time catching up on my reading.  The books I most recently downloaded are Mind Map Mastery by Tony Buzan and The Art of Dying by Ambrose Parry.

If you’re not already a member of Renfrewshire Libraries, you can join online and access free ebooks and emagazines.  Setting up an account is relatively easy although you may have to request a couple of emails to change password and pin number (when it asks for a pin number simply put in the password and it should work ok), but once you’ve got your online library card number you can link up to another related site to access a range of magazines.

USA based bookstore – Haymarket Books – are currently offering some free ebooks for the next couple of weeks.  Haymarket Books focus on more left wing politics but if you’re looking for something free to read you could log onto their site and see if there is anything you would like.  Just click here.


Supporting Local Businesses

90160334_2823649797753138_3070562906929102848_nA lot of local businesses are under tremendous pressure just now.  Many are facing closure or restricted trading and will struggle to survive.  However, despite this, some are adapting their businesses to provide support to local residents who may be self-isolating and are unable to get out to access local services such as shopping, food etc.  If you are out and about please try and support our local businesses.  We’ll highlight some of the ones on our news page and if there is one you would like mentioned please get in touch.