Cllr MacLaren welcomes increase in fines for litter and dog fouling

“The increase in the number of fixed penalty notices (fines) for litter and dog fouling highlight that action is at long last being taken to seriously tackle these issues,” said Councillor Kenny MacLaren (SNP – Paisley Northwest).

Despite Renfrewshire slipping down the league table of councils when it comes to street cleanliness, falling as far as 30 out of 32 when Labour were in power, there has not been sufficient focus on fining those who refuse to pick up their litter or clean up after their dogs. In the past few months Cllr Kenny MacLaren, along with colleagues within the SNP group, have been demanding greater enforcement from community wardens to help clean up Paisley and Renfrewshire.

teamup cleanupThe latest edition of the council’s Information Bulletin highlighted that the number of fixed penalty notices for littering has increased to 27 with an additional 7 fines issued for dog fouling. In contrast the previous Information Bulletin only recorded 1 fine for litter and 2 for dog fouling.

Councillor Kenny MacLaren added:

“The council is promoting the Team Up to Clean Up campaign, encouraging residents and groups to look after their own areas and to educate them about having a cleaner environment for all. However, by itself this approach could have a limited effect, so increased enforcement will also help to change people’s attitudes to litter and dog fouling.

“The difference between the two most recent Information Bulletins which record this information is startling, with fines for littering increasing from 1 to 27, and fines for dog fouling increasing from 2 to 7.

“I am particularly pleased that a significant increase in the fines issued comes from the Paisley North area – which incorporates Paisley town centre. This has seen 20 fines for litter issued and 4 fines for dog fouling handed out.

“The message should be clear to everyone who drops their litter or refuses to clean up after their dog, the council is serious on greater enforcement.”